America's Guardians

Americas Guardians (Part 1)

The USAF and Air National Guard

Even as the terrorists executed their horrible acts against the United States, the Air Force and Air National Guard were airborne desperately trying to intercept them and foil their plans. The United States Air Force and the Air National Guard are critical elements to the ongoing protection of this great country and also, a key part of the war to eradicate the terrorist threat going forward. Many assets will be used within the American arsenal, the men, woman and equipment of these superb fighting forces will be put to the test in the months ahead.

For me, a lifetime New Yorker living on Long Island, the sight of USAF aircraft flying combat air patrols over our own skies was both unsettling, but reassuring. I have detailed below some of the aircraft that the active duty and Guard operate and those sure to continue playing a vital role in defending freedom.

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B-2A Spirit – Long range stealth bomber capable of hitting up to 16 individual targets without detection while risking only 2 crewman. Operated by Air Combat Command only within the 509th Bomb Wing.

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KC-135 & F-16 – Flown by both the active duty and Air National Guard, these two assets are key elements in ongoing offensive, and unfortunately, defensive operations.

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The American Warrior – The best, most fearsome part of the American military are the warriors that operate the weapons. None are better, none more highly trained and motivated.

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